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Kids Make a Little Magic in Stillwater

If you squint you might see spring coming up over the distant horizon. Kids can lend their vocal support to its return and make a little magic along the way.

March 13th through 17th

The Oklahoma WONDERtorium invites children of every age to tap into their inner J. K. Rowling with five days of magic. Tickets can be purchased in advance for each one of the following themes:

March 13th: Enchanted by Harry Potter and his friends? Create your own spell casting wand.

March 14th: Dabble in the fuzzy art of puppet theater and make one to bring home.

March 15th: Craft your very own laurel crown and live like a princess or prince once upon a time.

March 16th: Give a fairy tale diorama of your own design, and live happily ever after.

March 17th: Look no farther, you’re about to build a grand nest to house that golden egg.


The Ranchers Club

The Ranchers Club

Rich hardwoods, soft leather seating and beautiful original artwork of Oklahoma and Texas ranches define the comfortable elegance of The Ranchers Club.

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our history

Our history

Dubbed the “Waldorf of the West” when it opened in 1950, the Atherton at OSU was the first purpose-built hotel located in a university Student Union.

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With picturesque landscaping and Georgian architecture prominent throughout its 700 acres, OSU is one of the most beautiful campuses in the region.

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