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The Wonders of Wildlife at Lost Creek Safari, LLC

For those seeking a day of adventure, there’s no better destination than Lost Creek Safari, LLC. Located just 10 minutes away from Oklahoma State University, this USDA-certified exotic animal park boasts a wide range of exciting wildlife for visitors to meet. Come for the day and see the likes of exotic mammals, beautiful birds, and more.

There is a vibrant array of animals all around the park. One notable group you might notice is the largest troop of black handed spider monkeys in all of Oklahoma. There’s a large collection of Fallow and Zika deer at the park, in addition to Reeves Muntjac deer, which is one of the smallest in the world! Porcupines, kangaroos, camels, water buffalo, parakeets, ostriches, and emu can all be found on the grounds, in addition to miniature Zebu cattle and donkeys. Tatar - the park’s giant zebra mare - is also a magnificent sight to behold. Journey here and experience the fun of a safari right in Stillwater.

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